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American Native English Speaker Writer

Say good-bye to 'INGRISH' or BROKEN ENGLISH text that erode your target audience's trust in your brand or sales materials. Invest in quality content and boost your sales conversion chances!

Cal Berkeley Graduate

The University of California at Berkeley is one of the most highly selective universities on the planet-only a tiny fraction of applicants get accepted. Hire me today and tap Berkeley-level talent and attention to detail.

17 Years Professional Writing Experience

Writing is my full-time passion and livelihood. If you hire me you won't get someone who looks at you as just another source of beer money. I take pride in my work and undergo continuing training to keep leveling up skills.

I offer some of the LOWEST RATES offered by writers with the same qualifications

I am able to charge such low rates because I live in Southeast Asia. If I were to relocate back to the US, I would have to at least double my rates!  Given my low rates, I don't take all orders. Contact me to lock in on a deal!


  • “Having used Gene's service several times, just wanted to post a quick review. I am a repeat customer for a reason. 

    I think you will be amazed and satisfied if you hire Gene to work on your project. He is very professional, knowledgeable and very quick in communication.

    He worked with me on my large project which took few months to complete and provided the generosity with extra words. His service is excellent. Bottom line, this is a trusted service and writer who understands the meaning of customer service. Thank you, Gene for the amazing content you've written for me.”

    V Furman
    Kindle Book customer
  • “This ghostwriter is great at what he does!

    I know the turn around time states 7 to 28 days AFTER the outline has been approved but don't worry, you will get your product WAY before then and with more words than you have asked for

    I have got nothing but great things to say about Gene, so if you are hesitant in any way, you should just give it a shot either way and you won't be disappointed.

    Thanks Gene for the great work and will be in touch with you again soon for more ghostwriting!


    Palmer Ngo
    Kindle book customer
  • “Two words I can refer his is "Trustworthy writer"

    I hired Gene for write 3 books for me and I'm very exciting and impressive. Gene knows the whole of process to create a book and how to work with me. Gene tell me his schedule every step in process to make sure we'll not waste a time for mistake. 

    And Gene surprised me when the book was delivered on timely basis and very high quality.(I checked every word before review this)

    I look forward to work with Gene again.

    Thank you very much !”

    Sakonchai C.
    eBook / Sales Funnel customer
  • “Gene,

    Your writing conveyed everything that I was looking for in this project. 

    I'm extremely pleased with the quality and content of your work and appreciate the extra freebies. 10,000 word extra!!

    I thank you for delivering as promised, ahead of schedule and exceeding my expectations.

    Look forward to working with you again soon!!


    Thorn Wright
    Kindle Book customer
  • “Thank you for the amazing content you've written for me Gene (and team)! I am a repeat customer for a reason... I never have to worry because you have always delivered spectacular work on time and at a great price. ”

    Rob Bolgar
    Sales Funnel customer
  • “Gene has completed 3 projects for me now without any hitches or unexpected absences like many other writers I have used in the past and another order has just been placed.

    Don't look any further if you require a high quality writer for a bargain price”

    Rick W
    Kindle Book customer
  • “ ordered a 6,000 words book from Gene, but I received 15,000 words at no additional cost to me. Gene has gone above and beyond in delivering more than what I expected. I received my book 5 days after the outline was approved and the quality of the book was great. I had a few questions about the content and he resolved it extremely quickly. He also gave me instructions/suggestions on how to sell the book and gave me references that I could use if I needed. Amazing work, Gene! I would definitely be back. Thank you.”

    Thu Do
    Kindle Book customer
  • “I had originally worked with Gene last year about this time and he almost doubled the amount of content I had requested at no charge. 

    In this most recent project I had requested approximately 20,000 words and again Gene over delivered INCREDIBLE work. I will not hesitate to work with Gene in the future and have quite a few ideas I already have in mind..”

    D Avela
    Kindle Book customer
  • “I just got my book back a couple of days ago. I must say Gene did an amazing job. He delivered almost twice the number of words I ordered. I will order more books from him soon. 

    On a side note, Gene was very responsive to my emails. He was accommodating in recommending ways to promote my book, where to get my cover designed, and where to get my book formatted into the Amazon Kindle format. 

    Doing business with Gene again is a no-brainer for me. If you're on the fence about whether to purchase his writing service, don't think twice about it. I seriously doubt that you would find the value as good as this anywhere else!

    Thank you so much, Gene! Looking forward to doing business with you again.”

    N Anderton
    Sales Funnel customer
  • “Here is a quick review for Gene. I got my book on Meditation completed on time and more extra words. She is very responsive, I highly recommend for your need. I will definitely use this service again with more orders up coming. Thanks again Gene.”

    Hannah Trinh
    Kindle Book customer
  • “Gene is amazing. Not only did the book that was delivered go above and beyond my expectations, but Gene was also able to deliver the book quickly as well! I will definitely be going back to Gene to get more books written. The content is great, delivery is impeccable, and customer service is of the highest quality. Furthermore, Gene also wrote almost triple the word count of the book I had requested. Gene is passionate about writing, and will not disappoint! 

    I highly recommend Gene to be your ghostwriter! Even after delivering my book, Gene gave me some tips on how to increase my ranking on Kindle. Gene not only delivers quality work, but also truly cares about clients. 

    I will definitely be coming back to Gene to get my next book written!”

    Kristi Tanubrata
    Kindle Book customer
  • “When I first began looking for someone to ghostwrite an ebook for me, I was all over the place. I found Gene, and the rest is history! I won't lie and say I wasn't a little apprehensive, but I think that is to be expected. Well, it wasn't long before, Gene settled all of that apprehension right down. Gene, worked closely with me working out the details of my book, and even went far and above what was necessary, providing me more content than I paid for. And it wasn't just fluff, it was serious, well thought out and knowledgeable, writing. 

    If you are looking for someone to write anything for you, then I highly recommend, Gene. You will not regret your decision to work with, Gene. I plan on creating many more projects with, Gene. Thanks again, Gene for all of your hard work.


    John Chaney
    Kindle Book customer


Personal Spirituality
Christian Themes
Online Marketing
Making Money Online
Dating Themes
Weight Loss
Product Reviews (within limits)


Online Marketing
Book Sample

If you are looking to publish informative ebooks teaching readers how to generate online traffic, check out this sample.

Book Sample

Are you planning to publish books on Amazon's Kindle platform? This sample showcases my work for Kindle book authors.

Small Business
Book Sample

If you plan to use booklet or book giveaways to build up your mailing list, this is the writing sample you should check out.

SEO Filler Text

If you are targeting certain keywords for SEO purposes but need engaging text, check this out. NOTE: very little to no research is involved with this service.

Consumer Guide

I also target keywords using a 'consumer guide' format. It is intended for both SEO and actual visitors. NOTE: very little to no research is involved with this service.


I can help you with the following:

people would actually want to BUY

Several of my clients are best-selling authors on Kindle. Other clients sell lots of ebooks through standalone sales pages and sales funnels

Sales Page Text
that produce

I attract your prospects' ATTENTION speak to their INTERESTS, create DESIRE in their minds, and call them to ACTION!

Blog Posts & Articles
that help you

Use my high quality SEO text, authority-building and credibiilty-building blog posts and articles to build a solid brand and earn the trust of your audience!

Email Text & Video Scripts

Turbocharge your sales and marketing materials with the help of video scripts and email autoresponder updates that call attention, inform, and motivate.


per 1000 words
  • Kindle non-Kindle eBooks
  • Research and Outlining Included
  • 7 Days Delivery (after outline approval)
  • Minimum size: 5K words
  • Fiction / Non-Fiction


per 250 words
  • Sales or Squeeze Pages
  • Text Only Graphics are extra
  • 7 Days Delivery
  • Minimum size: 250words
  • Contact for Extra Graphics


per 500 words
  • General Text: Little to zero research
  • Text Only: Graphics are extra
  • 48-72 hrs Delivery
  • Minimum size: 2500 words
  • Contact for Infographics

Email Update / Video Scripts

per package
  • Email Text: 400 words per package
  • Video Script: 150 words
  • 7 Days Delivery
  • Minimum size: 1 package
  • Extras: Whiteboard / Voiceovers


Order a 5000 word Kindle book on the following topics for only $60 - you save $75 off my regular rates
Note: I tend to over write so don't be surprised if you get more than 5000 words.

Personal Spirituality
Christian Themes
Online Marketing


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Gene Eugenio / Ozki

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